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100% Premium Grade 6 A Silk Pillowcase - Aglae Cosmetics

This luxurious 22 thread count 100% silk luxury pillowcase is softer and more durable than any other fabric. Silk contains natural cell albumens, natural proteins and 18 essential amino acids which accelerate skin and hair cell metabolism and help control the effects of aging. This is particularly important because it is at night that the skin and hair "work" and regenerate, producing new cells twice as fast as during the day.

Silk does not conduct heat or static electricity like other fibers. It has a regular natural warmth: it helps to maintain body temperature.

But what does it do for my hair?

First, silk fabrics, unlike cotton fabrics, are not rough. The silk is soft and silky, it allows the hair to slide on the pillowcase and limits excessive friction which causes hair breakage.

Longer hair moves your head more easily at night and becomes less tangled. You can surrender without tying it. The appearance of "split ends" and "knots" is visibly reduced.

Two elements, silk limits static electricity, keeping hair soft and smooth! So no more tangled, static-laden hair in the morning.

Three things, soft, detangled hair also means less hair loss in the long run.

Finally, the silk acts by capturing before, a protective barrier that guarantees your hair properly hydrated. It absorbs much less sebum on your hair. As a result, your hair is better protected. Give your skin and hair the best.


Composition: 100% long grade A mulberry silk fibers
Weight: 22 men for incomparable shine and feel

How to maintain your silk pillowcase?

Only a drop of special wool detergent is used, never bleach or powder detergent. You can use a mild organic shampoo or soap flakes sold in organic stores.
Always wash in lukewarm water at 30°C no more.
Do not use fabric softener but apple cider vinegar in the fabric softener compartment.
Do not dry in the sun or on a radiator. If you want to iron it: turn it over and damp, at a mild temperature.
Do not let the silk soak for more than 5 minutes.