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All U Want Shower Filter


The ALL U WANT Shower Filter has been specially designed and developed to filter impurities from water while providing the benefits of natural ingredients to improve the quality of your skin. ALL U WANT Vitamin C Shower Head Filter has a powerful anti-aging effect on your skin, while Rose Shower Filter softens your skin and wraps you in its beautiful fragrance. Developed, patented and manufactured in South Korea, our shower filters improve the skin, include collagen and promote flawless skin. It also filters chlorine and 100% of residues in the water. Enjoy a spa experience in your own shower today with ALL U WANT Shower Filters.

  • Step 1. Separate the connection between the shower head and the hose.
  • Step 2. Twist to assemble a vitamin shower filter in the area where the shower head is separated.
  • Step 3. Twist to prevent water from flowing out of the connection area.
  • Water containing impurities and residual chlorine
  • When water enters the filter, it creates hydraulic pressure.
  • Extract the vitamins according to the pressure inside the filter and the pressure in the container of the vitamin gel
  • Remove residual chlorine by mixing it with tap water.